Wednesday, July 15, 2009


Sagaing is the chief city and capital of Sagaing Division in Myanmar. It is located on the Ayeyarwady River, 20 km to the southwest of Mandalay on the opposite bank of the river.

Sagaing is a religious and monastic center, with numerous Buddhist monasteries. It briefly held position as a royal capital of Burma from 1760-1764.

The British-built 16 span Ava Bridge connects Sagaing with Mandalay, and tourists frequently visit Sagaing as a day trip. One tourist favorite located near the city is the Mingun Bell, claimed to be the world's largest ringing bell. Its weight of 55555 viss (approximately 90 metric tons) is engraved into the front side.

The city is home to the Sagaing Institute of Education and the Sagaing Education College.



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